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Government Courts in Washington

Whether you just want to learn more about the state court system in Washington, or you need to file a case, there is much information to peruse. From accessing forms to court rules, learn more about the court system below.

Forms Needed to File Cases

If you are interested in filing a case in Washington State, the first step is to access the forms database through the Washington Courts government website, so you can outline the proper paperwork in support. The most common types of forms requested for court cases in the state of Washington include:

  • Forms to end a marriage.
  • Third-party parental custody forms.
  • Unmarried parental forms.
  • Parenting plans and residential scheduling forms.
  • Child support forms.
  • Forms for the relocation of a child.
  • Protection order forms.
  • Juvenile court forms.
  • The 11 RCW Guardianship forms.
  • Criminal law forms.
  • Mental proceeding forms.

If you have questions about your local court’s rules, you should contact a representative through the Local Court Directory. The Washington Courts website breaks down your local court system by:

  • Superior court rules.
  • District court rules.
  • Municipal court rules.

Using the Washington State Court Directory

If you are unsure of who to contact or how to file your case, you can consult the Court Directory on the Washington Courts Website, which will assist you with finding the appropriate party. You can find information in regard to:

  • The State of Washington Court Directory:
    • Court of Appeals
    • Supreme Court
    • County-based superior, juvenile, district and municipal courts
    • City-based superior, juvenile, district and municipal courts
    • A master index by name
    • A printable version of the Court Directory
  • Additional directories related to Washington Courts:
    • Directory for certified court interpreters
    • Administrative Office of the Courts
    • Certified, professional guardians
    • Courthouse facilitators
    • Washington Tribal Courts
    • Public Defender offices
    • Drug Courts and other therapeutic courts
    • Dispute resolution courts
  • Help with locating courts:
    • A county/city reference list
    • The filing venues for actions against counties
    • The Judicial Districts Reference List

Washington Court Resources

Filing a case takes a lot of time, energy and research. Before you enter into the process, be sure to browse the available resources on the Washington Courts website. The up-to-date files will offer educational support, so you understand the history of past Washington court cases, along with background information on how to facilitate your process. Resources available for your perusal include:

  • Bail schedules.
  • Sentencing grids.
  • Law handbooks.
  • Jury service information.
  • Self-help.
  • Court reports.
  • Legislative summaries.
  • Public records.
  • Informational brochures.
  • Studies that have been conducted.
  • Supreme Court dissolution task force reports.

Court Programs and Committees

If you would like to get further involved with the Washington State government on a judicial level, there are several opportunities available to you. You can enter different programs in Washington, including:

  • Boards.
  • Commissions.
  • Committees.
  • Associations.
  • Programs.
  • National Court and Justice Organizations.

Learn more about these opportunities, or just basic information on these entities, along with how and why they operate on the Washington Courts website.