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Tribal Government in Washington

Whether you are of tribal descent and living in the state of Washington, or you are simply curious to learn more about the tribal government and its operations, the Governor’s Office of Indian Affairs website is a comprehensive resource. Below, learn more information about the following:

  • Tribal news and updates
  • How to access the Washington State Tribal Directory
  • Tribal education strides
  • Available tribal resources
  • How to enroll in a tribal training course

Tribal Information Available

In order to stay up to date on everything related to tribal government in Washington State, browse the homepage of the Governor’s Office of Indian Affairs website. Here, you will find:

  • State-tribal news – Find out the current news on the following topics: healthcare, funding, statewide benefits, community initiatives and more.
  • State agency updates – Learn more about information related to the Department of Revenue (tax information, along with available forms), and the Indian Education Office.
  • Education – Get updates on how the following colleges are providing higher education experiences: Grays Harbor College, Muckleshoot Tribal College, the Northwest Indian College, the Evergreen State College and Antioch University-Seattle.
  • Tribal directory – Now available online, you can peruse the Washington State Tribal Directory via PDF or in Microsoft Excel. If you are interested in being added to the Washington State Tribal Directory, you can contact the Governor’s Office of Indian Affairs via email.

Tribal Resources

If you would like to learn more about the tribal heritage and legal system in Washington State, browse the different resources available, both online and via download on the Governor’s Office of Indian Affairs website. Here, you can locate information on levels pertaining to state, tribal, federal, education, economic development, social services, tourism and ancestry on topics like:

  • Tribal information.
  • Tribal relations.
  • Tribal consolation policies.
  • Tribe affiliations.
  • The National Congress of American Indians.
  • The Northwest Indian Bar Association.
  • Tribal Self-Governance.
  • The environment.
  • The Northwest Native American Business Directory.
  • The Remediation Plan.
  • Parental help.
  • Washington Tribal Tourism.
  • The Department of Interior on Indian Ancestry.

Tribal Training Information

The 1989 Centennial Accord mandated that the Governor’s Office of Indian Affairs in the state of Washington train state agencies with the intent to educate both employees and constituent groups on government-to-government relations. Currently, there is a one-day training session available, and it covers:

  • Legal issues.
  • Tribal historical perspective.
  • Tribal sovereignty.
  • Tribal government.

The interactive training course allows for open forums, so that state employees can get to know the 29 tribes that occupy Washington State on a deeper level. Students of the course will be provided with a reference book to further their tribal education. Take the following steps to enroll in tribal training:

  1. Review the course description.
  2. Choose a date to take the course.
  3. Sign up and register to take the class.

If you are a state agency employee, you must contact your training manager or a registration representative in order to enroll. Additional public entities can complete registration by contacting an administrative representative at the DOP by calling 360-664-1921, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.